Bolt and Nut World - Nuts
Address: 52 Viben Avenue Brackenfell, 7560
Cape Town, South Africa
Postal: PO Box 609
Tel: +27 21 981-8330
  +27 21 981-9651/2
Fax: +27 21 981-8290

Welcome to Bolt & Nut World

We are one of the main supplier's of bolts and nuts in the Western Cape. We are a black empowerment company.


"To guarantee reliability and service to all our clients in a non-discriminating manner, and to uphold our company policy, that of service excellence."

We supply from the smallest nut to the biggest bolt - the choice is all yours!


  • To provide bolts & nuts to clients' specifications
  • To be a customer's complete source of fasteners, bolts and nuts, washers, screws and other high-tech equipment
  • To meet whatever the need for mildsteel, stainless steel, brass, etc
  • To supply customers with a wide range of products and to meet all their product demands for deliveries
  • To be price and service competitive in this market of bolts and nuts.
  • To maintain and provide service excellence.